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Extend your Millumin

Extend your

Run MilluNode on one or more computers, so that Millumin can take control and share the workload.

Get More

Millumin controls playback of one or more MilluNodes, so you could have additional outputs. Ideal for a museum with several rooms.

Monitor Multiple

From a single Millumin, preview the rendering of each MilluNode. Adapt the quality of the monitoring to save network bandwidth.

Nothing New
To Learn

Seamless edition within Millumin's interface. Indeed, a canvas behaves the same, whatever it is using local or MilluNode outputs.

For Mac & Windows
Mini PC

MilluNode is optimized for very affordable computers, such as Intel® NUC ones. Of course, it also works on desktop, laptop and Mac computers.

Play a Project

Open Millumin projects. Manage multiple outputs. Adjust mapping. Schedule on a daily or weekly basis.


Seamless Integration

Outputs from computers running MilluNode are listed in Millumin just like local ones. No new interface to learn !

Get More Outputs

Millumin controls playback of one or more MilluNodes. So you could have more outputs than the ones available on your computer.


Work with one or more MilluNodes. Ideal for a museum with several rooms.


The communication works over a local network. Media are copied on MilluNode for efficiency.

Direct Monitoring

Preview in realtime the rendering of each MilluNodes directly in Millumin's interface.



Create or update a project on MilluNode with Millumin. Then disconnect and play the project autonomously.


MilluNode can also be controlled by Millumin, so you can check your project in live.

USB stick

If no network is available, simply copy your project on an USB stick. Then open it with Millumin or MilluNode directly.


Millumin Projects

Play your audiovideo projects on a PC or a Macintosh.

Soft Edge

Manage multiple outputs and blending between them.


Play and loop dashboard columns. Automate playback on a daily or weekly basis.

Run on Mini PC

MilluNode is optimized for very affordable computers, such as Intel® NUC ones.

Suitable for Installations

Adjust mapping in live. Switch on/off your projectors.
Control via OSC.

Keyboard-only mode

Direct control without any additional display or network connection.


MilluNode requires a Macintosh with macOS 10.14, or a PC with Windows 10.

Because MilluNode is still in beta, please find below the features we are currently working on :

ISF effects support
board states
timeline playback
switch projectors on/off
pdf/gif/svg/text media


  • Any Macintosh running macOS 10.14 or PC running Windows 10, especially a mini PC such as an Intel® NUC. Of course, a desktop or laptop computer can be used as well.
    Keep in mind that MilluNode is hardware-accelerated, so the better the graphic card is, the better the performances are.

    You also need to use the latest version of Millumin V4 to take control of a MilluNode. And depending on your workflow, you need a USB stick or make sure your computers are connected on the same network.

  • H264 is good because it is both small and hardware-accelerated. ProRes-422 and ProRes-4444 are also good, especially if you want an alpha channel.
    HAP codec is not yet hardware-accelerated but this is planned (see roadmap above).

  • For now, MilluNode is focused on video, so it is not supporting interactions, data-tracks, lights, or capture cards. Such features may come later however.

  • Millumin is required to create your project :
    - MilluNode can then read the project file directly
    - or it can be remotely controlled by Millumin for editing

    Once the project created, you can run it autonomously on MilluNode, so you do not need Millumin any more. Of course, you can still use Millumin to update your project later (remotely or simply by transfering the project on Millumin's computer).

  • Yes, you can start by reading this tutorial that is showing you how to create a project on MilluNode with Millumin.
    Then, this tutorial will show you how to play a project autonomously.

    Lastly, check this tutorial to learn how to control MilluNode via OSC.

  • Our target is end of 2023.
    But we are focused on shipping the best product possible, and if needed, we may delay it for quality purposes.

  • We do not know yet. We are currently focused on shipping the best product possible.
    For sure, we will do our best to find an suitable model, and we will notify the users far before commercial launch.
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