The special edition Millumin V2+ can be now tested. Register here.


Software to create audiovisual shows.

For theater, videomapping and interactive installation.

Millumin comes in two editions : V2 and V2+

Standard Features for V2

   Now out, download it

Sequence with states, transitions,
and segmented timelines

Adapt easily your video mapping,
use the After Effects plugin

Design light plots, then manage
your DMX lights on stage

Use LED mapping to
convert your pixels into lights

Install additional ISF effects,
or create your own in realtime

Create interactions for TouchOSC,
Kinect, Arduino, LeapMotion, ...

Multi-screen, horizontal and
vertical soft-edge

Send MIDI/OSC/DMX signals
through a data track

Connect your devices & applications
via Syphon/NDI® and our dev-kit

Additional Features for V2+

   To be released in 2018  (beta now out)

Cinema4D plugin to work
with 3D structures

Use custom light-fixtures,
animate them in timelines

Advanced audio to
manage multiple channels

Synchronize computers
with timecodes

Monitor what's next in your show,
via a smart preview grid

Track a blob with your camera,
then create an interaction

V2+ is currently in Beta !

Millumin V2+ is a special edition including advanced features. We started the beta phase to test them out. The final release is planned in 2018.
You can find more info on this post, and request beta early-access below :

note that Millumin V2 standard is not in beta, download it below

Download   30-days free trial

Millumin V2 requires an Apple Macintosh and OSX 10.9 minimum.
But you can also download Millumin V1 that requires OSX 10.6 minimum.

Currently, there is no version for Windows or Linux      more info



  • Try before you buy : download the free trial (no limitation during 30 days)

  • Purchased licenses are ready for V1 and V2
  • If you bought a license in 2015, you get V2 update for free
  • If you have a V2 license, you can also run Millumin V1
  • Visit your account page to know more about your current license

  • The license allows you to activate Millumin on 2 different computers
  • Millumin is not sold with only 1 activation : the second one comes as a bonus, for a backup machine or emergency purposes
  • Activations are easily transferable from one computer to another one (3 clicks)

  • After you have placed your order, you will receive 2 emails : one with the invoice, and one with your activation key
  • If you have a VAT number, do not forget to enter it and avoid paying this tax
  • To receive a quote, simply start your order and choose "wire transfert" as payment method
  • Orders are secured by Fastspring ©
  • Pricing for V2+ will be announced later in 2018


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